An article about decoration

An article about decoration

The walls were lined with stones a big hit in interior decoration in the 50s , a trend that was eventually replaced by other textures over the years 70 .

The walls lined with stone again be featured in the early 2000s and currently supply on the market is so diverse that you can find the same type of stone in different shades , shapes and sizes , whether square , irregular or filleted . Your choice will depend on how you want to decorate the space .

This decoration can be used in most rooms of the house such as living rooms, bedrooms , bathrooms , kitchens and balconies . Unless you want to give a rustic environment division , choose to take just one wall of the room for a modern , elegant and comfortable environment . But to achieve this result , the ideal is to combine the remaining decor with the tone and style of the coated wall, in order to balance the environment .

Given the growing demand for this type of decor and due to the nature of the material , the choice of decoration may prove a bit costly so it is important to inform and seek all possible solutions according to your budget . Moreover , given the difficulty of its implementation , it is recommended that the application is made by a professional . Anyway , here are some tips when you apply the stones in the wall :

  •  Before applying, make sure the wall is clean and no signs of moisture. If it does not find level should correct the same, and where the wall is too smooth, it will sprinkle with mass for the stones have a greater adherence
  • Its application is always done from the bottom up with a concrete adhesive. You should always leave a few inches at the top and bottom of the wall, in particular, the boundaries between the wall to the ceiling and the floor given the likelihood of the stones dilate slightly with temperature. Apply silicone in these spaces to prevent moisture rising

Like other decorative elements, the stones also require some maintenance and cleaning. In the market there are some products to be applied on the rocks that protect them from moisture and prevent the emergence of a micro organism that may arise on the rocks over the years and does change its color.

Source: Complexo Magazine


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