“The genius and the nature made an eternal alliance: what the first one promises, the second certainly creates” Schiller, Friedrich.

Safety and health at work

One of the main focus of Marfilpe’s group is the labor safety of its workers. Ensuring the safety conditions of the employees is one of the great priorities of the company, maintaining the physical and psychological integrity of all its members, as well as the increment of conditions that ensure the protection of all those who actively participate in the products lifecycle. From its extraction, through the transformation to the delivery.


Thinking about the aspects referring the protection and sustainability, labor habits were introduced to the employees, ensuring a balanced professional performance, that protects the health and quality of life of all the intervenient in the daily activities of the company.



Marfilpe being a company located in the middle of one of the largest and important areas of limestone exploration in the Portuguese territory, the concern about the environment is an integrating part of its daily work, due to the obvious proximity from natural resources.


For all the social and environmental questions inherent to the subject, Marfilpe is lookink for ways that ensure the fulfillment of the sustainable challenge, minimizing, with most accuracy, the environmental impacts that result from the extraction.


Thinking about the future of the sector and the general importance of the environment, the company proposes to reduce the waste, the water consumption and the energy every single day, with the present and future intention of enhancing the reduction of impact inherent in this activity.


Marfilpe’s commitment refers to all of the product lifecycle, based on fundamental pillars of company ethics and sustainable challenge, towards an attentive stance to the environment in which it operates, and the global environmental problems.


Through an organized and selective transportation, the Marfilpe group has been reducing the CO2 emission to the atmosphere, turning the distribution logistics more sustainable. The company supports the clients concerns about the nature and the environment, daily promoting reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste methodologies.


Using state-of-the-art technology in all the blocks extraction process and products processing, the company has the future goal of enhancing its energetic efficiency, as well as reducing water expenses, thinking about saving resources and recycling them.


Joining the supply of quality feedstock is the concern about the surrounding environment towards assuming the maintenance of good exploration conditions that avoid hurting the nature, now and in the future. Regarding the final products, these became more efficient and fully responsible, which pleases the producers, clients and environment.


Looking for a road of balanced relation with nature, which is intended to be more and more thoughtful, Marfilpe undertakes to continue working in a responsible way, acting accordingly to international standards of sustainable performance.


Never forgetting the company’s competitiveness, the group intends to focus more and more actively in the environmental responsibility, acting accordingly to the applicable laws and regulations for the environment, health and safety.


Besides this, the company undertakes to divulge the ideal of the environmental policies before its partners, clients and workers, envisioning a positive future, that respects the environmental scene in the corporate structure.


In an assured present, ensuring a better future.