Marfilpe is proud to announce the opening of a new innovation and development space.

Included in the sphere of Marfilpe´s Atelier I&D, it offers to all clients the possibility of testing the characteristics of their stones in different aspects:

. Water absorcion at atmospheric pressure

. Water absortion coeficient by capilarity

. Aparent volumetric mass and open porosity

. Resistance to unilaxial compression

. Bending resistance under centered charge

. Calculation of the tensile strenght on an ancoring hole

. Wear resistance

. Frost resistance


All these tests allow companies and individuals to evaluate the deepest characteristics of their natural resources, as well as assuring a complete knowledge of stones performances.

We are in the process of implementing the regulation norm NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 – General Competence Requirements for Laboratories of Testing and Calibration, with the intent to obtain the accreditation of the lab by the IPAC – Portuguese Institute for Accreditation.

Get to know your stones with us.



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