By believing in the strong connection between natural stone and the history of the earth, Marfilpe presents Geoacademy, a new way to look into the natural resources in a tight relation with the academic world.

Trough Marfilpe’s Geoacademy, the company means to get close to the national and international  education system, opening doors to every  portuguese and foreign school and university, more or less associated with the stone industry, interested in visiting our facilities.

By previous apointement, Marfilpe is open to escort the schools field trips and demonstrate the product´s lifecycle.

A product that materializes in the feedstock recovered from the source (quarry), earns its shape by the hands of man and cutting-edge technology (factory) and concludes as final product, waiting to be seen (atelier).

It is by reinforcing the importance of natural stone near students, that Marfilpe believes to be side by side with the academic training and, by consequence, with the future, since students of today are, with no doubt, the professionals of tomorrow.


Natural stones. Stones with history.